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2016 Hell on Wheels Wyoming State Cowboy Action Shooting Championships

We just got back from shooting this match. It was a great match. If you have never been, and you can make it sometime, try to attend I think you will like it. The club put on a great match, the food was good, the location is great and the people were the best. In my experience everyone is super nice and will bend over backward to help anyone.

This match is hosted by the Border Vigilantes SASS club and the Otto Road Shooting range in Cheyenne, Wyoming. It is a beautiful location. Dee and Hank run the range and also own Chey-Cast Bullets. They are super nice people. They also make it affordable for us to shoot with their inexpensive lead bullets. I dont think my son and I could afford to compete if we didnt have access to affordable reloading components. Assassin is the Territorial Governor for the Border Vigilantes SASS club. He puts on a great match and he is a very fast shooter. If you want to be humbled go to a SASS match if you have never been and see how fast these people run these guns. Men and Women alike compete in this sport. However you will have a lot of fun doing it.

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