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Colorado State SASS Championships

We just returned from shooting the Colorado State Championships for Cowboy Action Shooting. This match was sponsored by Pawnee Station Club ( at the Great Guns Shooting Range ( in Nunn, CO. It was a great match. Once again the people make the match. I dont know if you tried if you could find a nicer more helpful bunch of people. Its always fun to see the Cowgirls and Cowboys in their Old West Finery. From Gun Slingers, Soiled Doves, Frontiersman and Buckaroos to Preachers. All types of shooting styles and "costumes". What was amazing was watching the shooters. I had thought I had seen fast shooters at other matches and club events. They have been fast in their own right, but what I saw this weekend was truly ridiculously fast. Cobra Cat (2014 SASS World Champion), Waterloo and his bride Hey You, were all crazy fast. It is almost unbelievable how fast they can not only empty 4 guns, but still put all rounds on target. I personally didnt have a very good showing. One of my worse matches in months. I guess it happens, although disappointing. I did take Second Place in the Deulist category. My Son, Buckaroo Prairie Wind took third place, finishing behind 2 very good young shooters.(age category 13 and under) He did win the costume contest with all of his custom leather. He was sporting leather Cowboy Cuffs, custom leather double holster rig, custom leather shotgun belt, Custom leather spur straps, spurs, pocket watch and custom leather batwing chaps.

We are looking forward to more big matches to come.

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