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Sure Hit Brass Sights

I have been shooting Double Deulist the last couple months. For those who dont know that means I shoot 1 gun in my weak hand and 1 gun in my strong hand (not at the same time thats Gunfighter) It takes longer for me to get a good sight picture when shooting one handed. I turned to Slick McClade for help. He has a product line of Brass Sights. The ones I purchased were glued on. They slip over your current sights. In my case these went on a pair on New Model Vaqueros that I got from Long Hunter. The sights show up much better against just about every background I tried them against. They are also then make your front sight wider. Between the brass color and the wider front sight it allows you to pick up your front sights and get a better sight picture quicker. I ordered them from Slick at his website.

I also ordered a larger front sight for my '73 rifle from McClade. It is much quicker to pick up than the original tiny dot.

I notice he has a few other nice products that might be of help to Cowboy Action Shooters as well.

Thank you.

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