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Shooting and WildFire safety.

Here in Colorado we are in wildfire season already. It has been a very dry February. There have been many small fires already. This weekend I worked two fires, both caused by shooters. We all love to shoot, but we all need to be careful. One of the fires was caused by shooters using and or abusing binary exploding targets. I wont mention brand names. They may market these products as safe, but they arent always safe. People are known to mix these products with accelerants. Please dont ever shoot tracers unless you are in a safe location to do so. Right now with the extremely dry conditions just about anything shooting related has a chance to start a fire. Please be careful. If not for your own safety and that of your party but everyone else as well. If you do something to cause a fire you may cost a farmer or rancher their livelihood. You may burn someones house down. If you do cause a fire, do the right and moral thing and report the fire. If you dont report it, its really no different from leaving the scene of an accident. (morally speaking)

One more thing. If you are shooting ALWAYS know your target and whats beyond it. We were taking intermitent incoming rounds while fighting the fire.

Here are a couple pictures I took while working fires this weekend. Im sorry no good action shots, I wasnt thinking about taking pictures while the flames were high.

Briggsdale Fire/Rescue . We also had Pawnee Fire and Nunn Fire departments on scene providing assistance.

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