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Fire Season is always the season...

At least it is here in Colorado. Last weekend, the Denver area and many other areas of Colorado had snow. That moisture did not make its way to much of Northern Colorado. The Pawnee Grasslands to be specific. Last weekend there were many shooters in the Pawnee Grasslands. Unfortunately two groups of shooters caused fires. One of the fires was three miles long when we finally were able to put it out. We all want to enjoy ourselves out shooting, but please be careful. Shooting exploding targets is illegal in National Parks and Grasslands. Shooting steel targets might sound like the best and safest way to go. It can be, but it does cause sparks when the bullets impact the plates. When it is this dry, that is all it takes. Remember that someone always lives somewhere down wind from you. You may not see their house, but a careless act on your part could cost someone their livelihood, home or even their life.

Go out and shoot, take your family and teach them, just be careful.

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