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Shooting and Fire Danger

Hello Everyone. I know many people are ready to start going outside to do some shooting. Those of us in the colder climates have probably been waiting for warmer or less windy days. It is mid April and those days are here and will only get warmer and dryer. Always be aware of the dangers of wildland fires. Please consider your backstop and make sure its clear of dry grasses and other combustibles. Consider carrying a shovel and or rake with you when you go shooting. If you were to start a fire, hopefully you could extinguish it quickly. If you do start a fire PLEASE call 911 immediately. Do not be worried about being in trouble. Fires start, it happens. If someone leaves and does not report the fire, it could cause someone to lose their home, livestock, or worse their life. Please be careful and remember to have a good time with friends and family while you shoot.


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